When you signup for an account with us, you are able to activate your unique affiliate link, that allows you to promote some of our services for a specified commission.

To activate your affiliate link, visit this link:


Terms of being an Affiliate:

  • at the moment, only shared hosting plans listed in this link are eligible for receiving commissions:
  • there are no commissions on orders of all other services, for example: domains, VPS services, elite business plans, licenses, etc.
  • the commission on eligible services is 10% of the initial eligible service subscription amount paid by the referred customer (subject to update without a prior notice).
  • there are no commissions on renewal invoices of referred services.
  • successful referrals commissions are held for a period of 30 days, before being earned. This is so to account for the situations where a referred customer requests a refund and decides not to continue using the service. With that been said, if a referred customer cancels a service within 30 days after ordering, then all potential commissions on that customers' referral eligible services are hence invalidated.
  • the affiliate ID cookie is valid for 30 days. What this means is that if a user was referred to our website via your affiliate link, a cookie will be placed in their browser to identify you, the affiliate, in case they made an order within 30 days of the time the cookie is saved in their browser, so that a potential commission will be recorded for you. Any orders of eligible services placed by the visitor after the cookie is no longer valid are not eligible for receiving a commission.
  • if a user has accessed our website by 2 different affiliate links, then if they make an order, the potential commission will be awarded to the affiliate whose link was used to access our website the first time.
  • there are NO COMMISSIONS on any customer's orders that are not placed by the customer visiting our website via your affiliate unique link. This is to fight fraud.
  • withdrawals of earned commissions is only possible via your account credits, meaning you are only able to benefit from the earned commissions by using them to order or settle your invoices in our system.
  • these terms are subject to update any time without a prior notice.
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