If you have a domain expire, you may still be able to renew it per the schedule below after the expiration date.

Note that this does not apply to domains ending with the .sd extension. It is still unclear how the exact process work for these types of domains, but the most important thing to note about .sd domains is that they can no longer be renewed following 1 day only after the expiration. Renewal invoices for domains in general are typically issued to you 3 weeks prior to domain expiration date, so it is strongly advised to pay for the renewal of your domain, if you wish to keep it, as soon as you receive the renewal invoice.

Days Since Expiration Status Details

Expired (Grace Period)

The domain will stop functioning as the domain will be placed on clientHold status (web site won't load, email won't be delivered, etc.), but the domain can be renewed at our regular renewal rates (plus additional $30 fee). Domains in this status and on clientHold can still be renewed and transferred. Please see below that you may lose your domain on the 31st day if it is bid upon via auction.

Expired (Grace Period)

The domain is made available for auction bidding. You can still renew the domain at our regular renewal rates (plus additional $30 fee). If you renew the domain at any time before the auction ends (read below), the auction will automatically stop.

Expired (Grace Period)

The domain auction ends. The highest bidder will be awarded the domain at this time if there are any active bids. You would lose your domain at this time if it was not renewed.

Expired (Redemption Period)

The domain can only be renewed during this period using the registry restoration process. You can still renew the domain, but there will be no less than $100 of additional fees added to the original cost (amount of additional fee may vary according to TLD type). This increased cost is due to the much higher cost the upstream registrar needs to pay to the registry of the domain TLD for restorations. Domains can only be transferred to a different registrar prior to entering the Expired (Redemption Period).

Expired (pending delete)

The domain can no longer be renewed and will be deleted from the registry. Once your domain reaches this status, there is nothing that can be done to renew it.

Deleted (Cancelled)

The domain has been deleted from the registry and is returned to the pool of available domains and anyone can register and reserve it.

The "Days Since Expiration" column includes the day of expiration.

Expiration Notices:

We will send multiple email notifications to you before and after domains expire which is one of many reasons it is important for you to keep your email address with us current. Please remember it is your responsibility to ensure renewal of your domains.

We make our best efforts to issue the reminders, but email is not 100% reliable and should not be depended upon exclusively to make sure your domains do not expire, you need to keep entries and reminders in your calendar with the dates your domains will be due for renewal.

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