When you add funds to your credit balance, you can use from this balance to settle any future invoices that get generated in your account.

Previously, you had to login to your account and manually apply from the credit balance on renewal invoices.

But starting today, you can enable automatic usage from this credit balance on renewal invoices of specific services that you can determine from this page:


Once you are there, you can then control which services will have automatic credit usage for its future renewal invoices.

If your account balance is not enough to cover an invoice, you will be sent a reminder on email to alert you for making payment for the remaining amount via any of the other available payment gateways.

To enable or disable automatic credit usage for renewal invoices of a specific service, click the corresponding button.


  1. If you have a service with a renewal invoice already generated for it, enabling automatic credit usage for this service will not affect the already generated invoice. You will still have to make payment for that invoice manually (either from your account credits or via another payment gateway).
  2. By enabling automatic credit usage for renewal invoices of a specific service, you acknowledge that once credit has been used on a future renewal invoice for this service, then this credit is not subject for refunds or reversal.
  3. Currently addon services invoices are not supported. Invoices for these types of services should be paid manually when they are generated.
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