Note: this payment solution is available for customers in Sudan only, and those who have a bank account with Faisal Islamic Bank of Sudan.

Fawry app from Faisal Islamic Bank of Sudan is one of the pioneers and most reliable payment solutions available in Sudan.

You can make payments for your invoices very easily using Fawry app.

Just open the invoice for which you want to make payment, from the list of unpaid invoices available on this link:

Select the invoice you wish to make payment for .. Once you open the invoice details page, make sure the selected payment gateway is Fawry. And then write down your Unique Payment Number.

Open Fawry app and sign in to your bank account.

Next, go to the Bill Payments section > Other Services > Internet Services > Pay Invoice - WevrLabs

On the next screen, choose your bank account, and then enter your invoice Unique Payment Number in the field, and click submit.

Then follow the rest of the steps until payment is made.

Note: while not required, it is better to take a screenshot of the payment receipt just in case you need to contact us with further info regarding your payment.

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