This article provides instructions to set up a cPanel email account on an iOS device.

Important Notes:

  • In all the steps below, it is assumed that your domain is pointing to our name servers, and that its DNS fully resolves from our servers. If you have recently updated the name servers for your domain, or have recently purchased a hosting from us, it may take a while for DNS (and SSL) to be activated, and this due to DNS propagation (which may take up to 48 hours, it's how the internet works, so you may need to be a little patient)
  • If you will not being hosting your domain's DNS using our name servers (i.e: your domain is on Cloudflare, etc), then you will be replacing mail.example.com in the illustrations below, with the hostname of the server on which your account is hosted (hostname can be obtained from the Service Details page on the Dashboard).


The email account should be already created and setup in cPanel interface. For instructions on how to create an email account on cPanel, visit this link.

You can find your email account’s settings (for example, username, incoming server, and outgoing server) in the following locations:

  • cPanel’s Setup Mail Client interface (cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Email Accounts).
  • The Webmail interface.
  • The welcome email that your administrator sent you.

Setting up your email account on iOS device:

This guide was created using iOS 13 with an iPhone 11.

1. Tap Settings. Generally, the Settings icon appears in one of your device’s main screens. The Settings menu will appear.

2. Tap Passwords & Accounts in the Settings menu. The Passwords & Accounts menu will appear.

3. Tap Add Account in the Accounts menu. The Add Account menu will appear.

4. Tap Other in the Add Account menu of mail account types. The Other menu will appear.

5. Tap Add Mail Account in the Other menu. The New Account interface will appear.

6. Enter your account information and tap Next. Enter the following information in the New Account interface’s text boxes:

  • In the Name text box, enter the name that you wish to use for the email account.
  • In the Email text box, enter your email address.
  • In the Password text box, enter the password for the email account.
  • In the Description text box, enter a description for the email account.
  • Tap Next to proceed to the next screen in the New Account interface.

7. Select a mailbox type and verify information. Use the toggle at the top of the screen to select the IMAP mailbox type (recommended). Verify all of the information for your account.


DO NOT use POP3. We recommend that you select the IMAP mailbox type. If you select the POP3 mailbox type, the mobile device’s email client will download all of the account’s email messages, and then remove the messages from the server. You will NOT be able to access those messages from any other email client.

8. Enter the following information in Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server text boxes:

  • In the Host Name text box, enter the mail domain for the email account (mail.example.com).
  • In the User Name text box , enter the email address.
  • In the Password text box , enter the password for the email account.
  • Tap Next to proceed to the next screen in the New Account interface.

9. Tap the Notes toggle to disable the Notes application for the account. Then, tap Save to complete the account setup process.

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