How to Edit Name Servers for a Domain

Editing name servers for your domain is pretty straight forward, but note that changes may not take effect immediately for numerous reasons, for example, you browser or operating may still be storing old settings in the cache, so you will need to clear DNS cache from the browser and system to observe effects. In addition to that, your internet provider may also be storing old settings as well. Name servers changes take a maximum of 48 - 72 hours, but in most cases it is usually less than 24 hours.

To edit name servers for a specific domain, visit your domains list at this link:

Once there, select the domain you wish to manage:

  1. Click the 3 horizontal dots button corresponding to the domain.
  2. Click on Manage Domain.

You will be taken to the domain details page. Choose Nameservers from the side links, and then edit the settings as you wish, after that click on Change Nameservers.

Note that for certain TLDs (such as .SD), their registries don't have an API for handling most of these common operations, as such, you need to contact support with the settings you wish to edit.

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