• Friday, October 1, 2021

Greetings dear valued customers,

This is a notice to inform you that communication via our Official WhatsApp channel has been ceased effectively immediately, and that it is now used only for sending system automated alerts to the phone number in your account details (such as invoices reminders).

We are switching focus to our new Telegram channel, to take full advantage of the flexibility and openness of Telegram Bot APIs, compared to the complex and restricted WhatsApp Business API. As such, we are no longer able to receive messages on our official WhatsApp number.

You may still notice that if you try to send a message to our WhatsApp number, it will appear with 2 ticks as if it was received, but that's only because the number we are using is registered on WhatsApp Business API, and it wasn't used on traditional WhatsApp apps. Numbers registered on WhatsApp Business API will always seem as if it was receiving messages sent to it, even if it's not linked to any external systems.

To get in touch with us in the future from your smartphone, please reach out to us via any of these official communication channels below:


Facebook Messengerhttps://facebook.com/WevrLabs

Twitter DMshttps://twitter.com/WevrLabs

Thanks for your understanding.

P.S: We encourage you to link your Telegram account with your WevrLabs account, so that you can benefit from the new Telegram Alerts feature. This will allow you to enable receiving alerts for various events automatically from the system, such as invoices reminders, etc.

Visit the link below for instructions on how to link and activate Telegram Notifications: